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Searches for any partial or full surname
Searches for any partial or full first name
Surname Forename Birth Deathsort descending Age Age (y.m.d) Burial Date Comment Relation Section Lot Row Grave Burial Cemetery
Gary Enoch H 1859 Allerton Methodist Church Yard
Farley Harrison R son of Theodore F & Catherine E Norton Methodist Epsicopal Church Yard-2
Vogel William Clinton Baptist Church Yard
Mulligan Mary A 26 y Immaculate Conception Catholic Cemetery
Mulligan Immaculate Conception Catholic Cemetery
Creveling Mary Agnes 30 Nov 1887 wife of Landis Young Bloomsbury Presbyterian Church Yard
Vogel Bertha Clinton Baptist Church Yard
Brewer John W son of David and Elizabeth Mount Salem Methodist Church Yard
Eckel Aaron 30 Sep 1804 Mount Pleasant Cemetery
Woolever Henry Bloomsbury United Methodist Church Yard
Bodine Mount Salem Methodist Church Yard
Hummer Louis W 1861 Evergreen Cemetery-South
Barras Fanny E 1869 Clinton Baptist Church Yard
Kline Elizabeth 1845 Immaculate Conception Catholic Cemetery
Runkle Sarah Runkle Family Burying Ground
Bloom William 2 Feb 1846 Mount Pleasant Cemetery
Runyan Alvah Mount Pleasant Cemetery
Hall Elizabeth L 1905 Allerton Methodist Church Yard
Runkle John 29 Aug 1752 dau of Adam & Mary-born on Lebanon farm Runkle Family Burying Ground
Frankevich Alan 1947 Evergreen Cemetery-South
Stiers Mary 30 Mar 1829 dau of George & Mary Mount Pleasant Cemetery
Taylor Archibald Clinton Presbyterian Church Yard
Dunham Asa C 3 May 1795 Immaculate Conception Catholic Cemetery
Bell T. Caldwell s. of George and Mary Allerton Methodist Church Yard
Hartman Catherine 1894 w/o Charles Allerton Methodist Church Yard