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Searches for any partial or full first name
Surname Forenamesort descending Birth Death Age Age (y.m.d) Burial Date Comment Relation Section Lot Row Grave Burial Cemetery
Frace 15 Dec 1856 24 Dec 1856 son of Michael & Eliza Norton Methodist Epsicopal Church Yard-2
Hanner 6 Mar 1799 Mount Pleasant Cemetery
Robinson 13 Feb 1835 1 Jun 1898 Allerton Methodist Church Yard
Bodine Mount Salem Methodist Church Yard
Mulligan Immaculate Conception Catholic Cemetery
Bell 18 May 1819 20 Jun 1861 Immaculate Conception Catholic Cemetery
Forman 25 Dec 1847 dau of Duillius & Mary Anna Barber Burying Ground
Moore 16 Nov 1834 Infant Son of Jacob D & Amy Moore Cemetery
Blanar 1868 1942 wife of John Blanar Sand Brook Cemetery
Lair 9 Sep 1821 wf of William Lair Moore Cemetery
Wagner 1871 Sand Brook Cemetery
Delts 15 Nov 1772 Lebanon Reformed Cemetery (OLD)
N B 1801 Vanderbelt Cemetery
Mondeau 27-Apr-14 11-May-41 Milford Union Cemetery
Hanna Frenchtown Cemetery
Warford Frenchtown Cemetery
Gilbert Frenchtown Cemetery
Becknell 8-May-13 Feb-86 Milford Union Cemetery
Elizabeth Cooley 27 Feb 1775 29 Mar 1853 79 Vanderbelt Cemetery
R M 1773 Vanderbelt Cemetery
I C 1795 Vanderbelt Cemetery
Becknell 7-Nov-05 10-Mar-93 Milford Union Cemetery
Opdyke see Vossler and Opdyke Monument Frenchtown Cemetery
Williams 1856 1860 Son of N W and Lucy Frenchtown Cemetery
Schwalb Jul 1776 Zion Lutheren