Preserving the memory of early Hunterdon settlers
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Cemetery Cleanup Schedule Available

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New Jersey Cemetery Association admits Swackhammer as first historic cemetery

The Swackhammer Cemetery which is owned by the Mount Amwell Project has been admitted as a member of the New Jersey Cemetery Association (NJCA) for 2017. We believe this is the first member cemetery that is inactive and of a historic nature. The NJCA traditionally represents only active New Jersey cemeteries. The board of trustees approved the Swackhammer membership after Dave Reading met with Executive Director Judy Welshons, legislative advocate Matt Halpin, Treasurer Ed Faulkner, and directors Jonathon Pace, Richard Ralph, and Mark Sweatlock on January 24th. This is a significant step forward in our efforts to improve statutory protection for abandoned, inactive cemeteries due to the influence and scope of the NJCA.

Protecting and Preserving American Hero’s Graves in New Jersey

23 September 2016, Flemington, New Jersey - Workshop recommends NJ Cemetery Board administer Historic cemeteries.

Download full summary report (Report.PDF)