Preserving Hunterdon County History

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About Us

John Reading was a Proprietor of the province of West New Jersey who settled in Gloucester City, Burlington County in c. 1684. He was a member of the Council of Proprietors of West New Jersey and elected secretary on September 18, 1688. In 1703 the Provinces of East and West New Jersey were united as the Colony of New Jersey under the English Crown. John Reading was appointed to the Royal Governor's Council in December 1713 by the Gov. Hunter. In February 1714, he introduced bill in the council to create Hunterdon County as a separate county from Burlington County. By this time, he had resettled from Gloucester to the area around Stockton and called his new residence Mount Amwell. He continued to survey and purchase land in Hunterdon and Sussex counties till his death in 1717. The Mt. Amwell Project was named in his honor.

Mission Statement
Mt. Amwell project is established to promote, educate, and publicize the historical accomplishments and contributions to the history of Hunterdon County New Jersey by the early settlers such as Col. John Reading, his contemporaries and their descendents. The organizers of the Mt. Amwell Project believe that a greater understanding of the early settlers and their importance to the cultural heritage of their county and country by the citizens of Hunterdon is important. The Project will attempt to raise awareness of the part these early settlers played in the history of county especially given the fact that the tri-centennial of the founding of the county will be observed in 2014.

Strategic Plan & Activities
The Mount Amwell Project seeks to fulfill its mission through publicly funded projects and activities that directly support the acquisition and preservation of historical information relevant to the founding settlers of Hunterdon County. The Project will collect, assemble, restore, and integrate information from artifacts, maps, books, and other sources. This information will then be made available to the public via forums, educational programs, historical societies, print media, and on-line via the project's web site. Activities might include:

  • Support restoration and stabilization of historically relevant sites in Hunterdon County such as structures, cemeteries, and roadways.
  • Acquire books, manuscripts, and maps relevant to the early settlers such as John Reading and his contemporaries and present them to appropriate institutions.
  • Acquire and maintain a bibliography of publications that document the lives of the early Hunterdon settlers.
  • Engage in activities to influence local and possibly state laws and regulations. Laws such as historic cemetery preservation, access of the public to sites of historic significance, and other protections of deserving of preservation. However, these activities will be a small a part of the project main total activities.

Board of Directors
The Mount Amwell Project Incorporated (MTAP) is a Non Profit New Jersey Corporation. The Project is an Internal Revenue Service 501 (C) (3) exempt organization. The Project is governed by five Directors and staff support is provided by non-voting members.

Executive Director David R. Reading
Director/Sec-Treasurer David R. Reading (acting)
Director/COB Jennifer Ellsworth
Director Richard B. Reading
Director Vacant