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John Reading’s Diary, Editor David R. Reading

Based on original transcriptions by Dorothy A. Stratford, Alexandria, Virginia: The Mount Amwell Project, 2010. John Reading's Diary, Hardcover, 220 pages, $39.95

John Reading’s Diary is a rich cornucopia of details of daily life in mid-eighteenth century colonial New Jersey. The diary records buying and selling, lending and borrowing, and services rendered and payment received between John Reading and hundreds of customers and employees in New Jersey and beyond and his own family members. These transactions are recorded in multiple currencies at constantly fluctuating exchange rates (much like Europe before the implementation of the single euro currency in 1999). John Reading enjoyed high political and economic status. His life illustrates a prominent leader of the rising American political class. His diary is must reading for any student of eighteenth-century colonial American history.”

— Dr. Alvin Rabushka, David and Joan Traitel Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution, Stanford University. Rabushka’s most recent publication is Taxation in Colonial America, which received Special Recognition as 2009 Fraunces Tavern Museum Book Award.


How to Order            

By mail:  Send $43.95 to cover price, handling and postage to: The Mount Amwell Project, 97 Bissell Road, Lebanon, NJ 08833

On the Web:  On, search books for “John Reading Diary David R. Reading” and order per standard Amazon process. Price is $39.95 plus tax & shipping