Preserving Hunterdon County History

About The Mount Amwell Project

About the Mount Amwell Project



To ensure that our community cultural and historical sites are preserved and protected for future generations by identifying at risk locations, establishing ownership, arranging for restoration and maintenance, and educating the public on our purpose and vision.



Cemetery stabilization & maintenance

Due to the dedication of our volunteers and generosity of our donors, we have successfully restored and maintained four “at risk” cemeteries–Reading Burial Ground, Slacktown Cemetery, Swackhammer Church Yard, and Haypress Cemetery. As a result of this commitment, all of these sites are now out of danger of being overgrown and lost. Damaged headstones have been reassembled and reset, stonewalls have been rebuilt using existing stones, potentially damaging trees have been removed, the sites have been cleared, and regular maintenance has begun. Fortunately, we have preserved this rich history for future generations.

Online burial records

Online burial records are a significant part of the project for historical, cultural and genealogical preservation. With accurate online sources, families and historians can retrieve information readily and accurately. We have dedicated resources to this internet--‐based source in order to provide access to the public to as much information as possible about the cemeteries in Hunterdon County. Many families and historians have expressed deep appreciation for this invaluable re source that provides important information all in one location.


In addition to our everyday work in providing resources and restoring these historical sites, our board is committed to raising awareness of the rich heritage of our county and its former residents. As a result, we have also published several historical texts. John Reading’s Diary Thomas Reading Papers Reading Family Genealogy


However, despite all of our work to date, 32 of the more than 170 of the cemeteries in Hunterdon County have been designated by Hunterdon County Historical Society as “High-risk”. Risk is defined as a high probability that the cemetery will be lost or destroyed due to neglect, abandonment or purposeful development. The Mount Amwell Project is unwavering in its promise to not allow this to happen. Committed to the legacy of our communities, our families and ancestry, the Mount Amwell Project was established in 2005 to ensure these 32 cemeteries in Hunterdon County, rich in historical and genealogical history, are protected and maintained for future generations.

We are the only organization in Hunterdon County preserving this heritage.


To providing resources to secure the acquisition, preservation, restoration, documentation and awareness of the se historical sites for generations to come.


We seek to protect and preserve as many at risk cemeteries as possible for future generations. These burial grounds are a physical record of the great achievements of the common and extraordinary people that lived, worked and served in Hunterdon County, contributing to its rich history and culture.

Without preservation, this historical record of these lives will be lost, and with them, the heritage of our county. In order to secure the future and sustainability of each of these historical sites, we must dedicate the necessary resources to:

  • Find or establish a legal owner
  • Clear and stabilize the site
  • Provide long term, permanent maintenance

In addition, we seek to educate the public o the importance of our historic cemeteries as sources of county and state pride; believing that increased awareness will encourage the further preservation of these unique historical resources for future generations to appreciate and learn from. Lectures and seminars are presented by Mount Amwell Project volunteers to interested groups. With the support of our donor sand partners, we are able to pursue all opportunities to educate and raise awareness.


Each gift to the Mount Amwell Project helps preserve and maintain the rich cultural and genealogical heritage of Hunterdon County. Every donation has a lasting impact by helping restore burial grounds that would otherwise be lost. We seek your commitment in joining us to preserve the legacy of the live so many buries in these historical sites thus protecting and preserving our history ,our tradition, and our pride of Hunterdon County.


Preserving our rich heritage requires funding for legal fees, insurance, landscaping, tree removal, signage and equipment.

  • Restoration Projects 1,500
  • Legal Fees 1,500
  • Maintenance 2,575
  • Organization Costs 3,427



Howell Graveyard The acquisition of Howell Graveyard by the Borough of Stockton will likely be completed in 2018. Once Stockton takes legal possession, we will establish a lease with Stockton and begin to clear and maintain the site.

Woodschurch Cemetery the Readington Township Historical Commission has asked the Mount Amwell Project to propose an amendment to the Haypress Agreement for maintenance of the Woodschurch Cemetery. We plan to finalize the amendment in 2018.


The Mount Amwell Project partners with other organizations that have a similar interest in preserving and restoring Hunterdon County historical sites. Hunterdon County Historical Society(HCHS)

  • HCHS Cemetery Committee
  • New Jersey Cemetery Association
  • League of Historical Societies of New Jersey



David R. Reading, Chairman and Executive Director (2019) Mr. Reading is the founder of the Mount Amwell Project, Inc. and president of Western Information Technology Services Corp., an IT consulting company. He is a member of the Council of West New Jersey Proprietors and the Sons of the Revolution.

Richard Bennett Reading IV, Secretary/Treasurer (2019) Owner of Richard B. Reading Associates providing economic research, data analysis, and financial consulting services for various organizations In Princeton, NJ. Mr. Reading has been involved in many historic property restorations.

George D. Muller (2020) Mr. Muller served as a Freeholder of Hunterdon County for eighteen years, six of which he was the Board’s director. He was president of both Flemington Cut Glass, Inc., and Hunterdon Importing, Inc. He has been active in a variety of community service organizations and has served as a trustee of the Hunterdon Medical Center and Centenary College.

Richard H. Stothoff (2020) Mr. Stothoff is the president of Samuel Stothoff Company Inc. and is a past councilman in Flemington. He is a trustee and past president of the Hunterdon County Historical Society and a member of the Raritan Township Historians.